what is a computer

What is a computer? A computer is simply a machine which is programmed to carry out logically sequential operations or mathematical computations automatically. Modern computers are able to do a very broad range of activities including complex sets of related tasks such as scheduling, planning, communication and inventory. Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives and have become a vital tool for businesses, offices and homes.

Computers are generally grouped into hardware and software. The hardware portion includes all the parts which are built into a computer such as the monitor, the keyboard, the CPU, the hard drive, the memory and the operating system. The software portion consists of applications (programs) and other devices such as printers, scanners and modems. The operating system controls what the hardware and software can do. Modern computers also contain other components such as memory cards, compact discs, batteries and a host of peripheral devices.

A computer consists of many main parts, which are located in a desktop arrangement. The most visible part of the computer case is the computer monitor, which usually sits on the top output device. This output device will then have connections to all the other components of the computer. All components except the central processing unit (CPU) are placed inside the computer case.

The computer case also includes a keyboard and a mouse. The keyboard controls what the user is able to type and the mouse controls what the user is able to move the mouse over. keyboards vary in terms of their function from computers to computers and in terms of their standard layout. Many older computers work with a standard keyboard, which has a touch pad on its front, which lets the user to input various commands and information. Touch pads give the user the ability to input text using a stylus pen rather than a keyboard.

Some newer computers come with a more complex keyboard and mouse set up. These types of keyboards have both a touch pad and a laser pointer. These types of mice are usually used for inputting data into a spreadsheet or similar application. Touch pads can also be used to edit source code which is code that is generated by the operating system without the use of a keyboard.

The monitor, which is commonly referred to as the screen, also has different parts. The most common monitor is the CRT monitor which is made by Dell. Other manufacturers include HP and Samsung. The screen is connected to the computer case through a cable and the various different parts of the screen include the response unit, vertical refresh rate, horizontal refresh rate, and the resolution.

An operating system is what allows computers to communicate with each other and with programs. PCs communicate with software applications through the operating system. The operating system, or the operating system software is often a single application that runs inside the computer’s memory. Other common types of applications include the browser, Office Suite, and so forth. Many IBM PC personal computers come equipped with the Front Office software package which includes Front Page, Microsoft Office, and the Adobe Reader.

A personal computer is often called a personal computer because it has many of the same parts as a typical home computer or laptop. Most people confuse what is a computer with what they are used to using at home such as a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. There are different types of computers including laptop computers that are smaller than desktops. Laptops can usually be viewed as a type of handheld personal computer.

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