how to restore iphone

Wondering how to restore an iPhone? It is actually quite easy. Restoring your iPhone means restoring it to factory settings and wiping all stored data from the device. However, if you choose to restore your iPhone, everything on the device is gone. If you are having problems with your phone and are considering of restoring, it is always better to ensure that all your stored data is backed up before you proceed with restoring your iPhone.

Before you begin restoring iPhone, ensure that you have a good version of iTunes and unplugged your phone. The restore option in iTunes cannot be started if there are unplugged devices. This step is very important as it prepares for the backup process. If the backup process finishes successfully, restart your computer and then prepare a new iTunes account. You need to create a user name and a password.

In order to restore an iPhone, you need to have a working version of iTunes. You can update your product by downloading the latest version of iTunes at the iTunes website. If your computer does not have the application to manage storage, download, and install the iPhone storage manager for Mac or PC. When the product management software is installed on your computer, you need to launch the program and follow the onscreen instructions. Once the program is installed, it will guide you on how to restore iphone to normalcy.

Once you are done updating iTunes and installing the product management software, you need to find a place where you want to copy your iphone files to. This is where the restore part of the procedure comes in. You can back up your photos or music to your home directory. You can also store all your data on external drives, thumb drives, or the microSD card inserted in your iPhone for easy access.

Next, you need to look for a backup extractor. You can either buy the product or download a free one. Just like with other backup programs, you have two choices: buying the program or downloading free versions of them. With free versions, you have limited capacity to recover your files. On the other hand, purchased backup extractors offer greater capacity and ease in restoring your iPhone backups.

After you find a suitable program or free version download, open the program and click restore iphone. After it starts working, you will see a list of folders where you can find your files and restore your iPhone to normalcy. Before attempting to backup your files, make sure that you turn off your iPhone device, if it is switched on. It is a good idea to close down all devices that are not being used during the process to prevent loss of data if the computer crashes. If your iPhone is connected to a computer through a USB port, you may need to click “safe mode” before trying to backup to restore iphone.

The last step is to click “file list.” From here, you will select all the files and data types that are used in your iphone backups such as text messages, contacts, email, files, music, and so forth. The final step is to highlight all items and click on the “switch” button beside each item. When switching between the items, ensure that you save all changes before the backup begins. This step ensures that you can restore any changes made while editing them.

Restoring iPhone using iTunes backup was never this easy. Your iTunes copy is safely kept within your computer and you can easily access it anytime you like. All that is left for you to do is click on “start” button and watch the process. Before you know it, your iPhone has been restored! So, go on and enjoy all those songs you have saved on iTunes!

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