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Moroccan Caramello Hash

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Moroccan Caramello Hash contains 5g of essential hemp oil. Moroccan Caramello Hash is 100% natural hash product, contains good food quality materials and medical benefits.

While Moroccan Caramello Hash is a source of energy, and it’s medical properties provides, relief from stress. Boost the user’s immune system due to the presence of essential hemp oil which contains therapeutic properties.

Moroccan Caramello Hash


Moroccan Caramello Hash is almost brown-black from the strong oil content, this hash is really a dark polm. The layers are still easy to spot and vary in tones and shades.


Moroccan Caramello Hash smell is fine and perfumed with a bit of a soft cocoa bean scent. There is a strong mint smell as well which would be about right, if you think of all the “bursting oil” in there.


This is the kind of spliff you really don’t want to pass to your mate! The flav is so nice and enjoyable, you wanna keep tokin’ it right down to the end. Don’t bogart that joint, simply grab a Chocomel to compliment the flav, and wait your turn!


Moroccan Caramello Hash FX are somewhat subdued, relaxed and day-dreamy for me. I really can see why a lot of people enjoy a strong espresso with this gear so as not to fall into a deep trancey-sleep. I just get in the rythym of the session and lay back in the chair…


Moroccan Caramello Hash is a great hash to smoke for those who like the feelings of fine polms but yearn for something a little stronger. This one won’t lay you down as softly as polms but that’s what makes it so good!

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