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Ghost OG

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Ghost OG is a hybrid strain known for its 50:50 balanced cerebral and body effects, with the ability to treat pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. cross between classic strains Afghani and OG Kush. Users report a strong buzz that is perfect for kicking back and relaxing when you need to unwind. Ghost OG has a delicious taste with aromas of earthy kush and sweet lime. The buds are vibrant, full of green, yellow and purple tones. Since their launch in 2014, Nugget Bay’s reputation has always hinged on sourcing artisanal quality, 100% natural and pesticide-free flower from farmers who care deeply about the product. Nugget Bay pushes the boundaries of responsible, sustainable and innovative cannabis farming. Weight: 1/8 oz. (License No. A12-17-0000014-TEMP)

2 reviews for Ghost OG

  1. nick

    good product, i love the taste

  2. burley

    I was happy with the delivery.

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