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Frosted Cookies

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Relax and unwind with delicious Frosted Cookies, a phenotype of the Grease Monkey strain. With the

flawless flavor of nutty vanilla and sweet diesel, every inhale of Frosted Cookies is rich and inviting. The high is as beautiful as the fluffy tapered forest green buds, sparse with orange hairs, and coat of tiny clear crystals. Frosted Cookies is known to bring your mind to a calm state, which is perfect for times when you want to kick back and find your Island. Since its launch in 2014, NUGGET BAY’s reputation has always hinged on sourcing artisanal quality, 100% natural, and pesticide-free flowers from farmers who care deeply about the product. NUGGET BAY is pushing the boundaries of responsible, sustainable, and innovative cannabis farming. Weight: 3.5g. (License No. A12-17-0000014-TEMP)

Bred by Liberty Reach, this strain is tasty like the classic GSC with a sweet profile that’s also crisp and fresh. The smooth taste makes for an enjoyable smoke, as you float into a mellow headspace. Frosted Cherry Cookies is a great daytime strain for experienced users, but also pleasant for anyone smoking at the end of the night.


Cherry Cookies smells just as you would expect given its name, releasing a sweet yet tangy aroma when ground. There is a clear cherry smell with a slight tartness, reminding you of the cherry tarts that you so often find at family parties.

One of the nice things about Cherry Cookies is that it does not have a complex aroma; you are not left feeling confused as to the smells that fill the air. What you do get is a clear, sweet smell that is extremely enjoyable and could just as easily come from a soothing candle rather than a joint. Cherry Cookies produces smooth smoke which is a pleasure to breathe through – even new smokers find that their throat is able to adjust to the smoke quickly.


If you are a fan of cherries, you will be pleased to learn that Cherry Cookies does, in fact, live up to its name and offers a sweet yet tart flavor. As you breathe in the clear smoke, your mouth is filled with a warm, cherry tartness. The flavor hangs on your tongue and develops as the mouth travels down to your lungs and you start to pick up on a slight flowery taste.

Cherry Cookies leaves a delightfully sweet cherry flavor, similar to a cherry candy. The sweet flavor combined with the psychedelic mind high can easily trick your mind into thinking your tongue is turning red from sugary candy.

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