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Dank Vapes Mars OG

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Dank Vapes Mars OG  Cartridge is one spacey indica which Comes out of the California Bay Area. Furthermore, Mars OG has been given its planetary name in reference to its growing conditions. Moreover, Planetary strains refer to strains which began indoors and were moved outdoors; to complete the grow cycle in more natural conditions.

The end result is dense because; buds with high flower-to-leaf ratio that produces a heavy-handed body buzz with a hearty, thick taste and pungent smell.  Mars OG cartridge will take away your pains and easily put you to sleep. In addition,  the Mars OG strain is a hybrid that can be a great when medicating before bed. so to fit most batteries.


We would consider the Dank Vapes Mars OG cartridge to be a solid option for those who suffer from insonia. It may also be beneficial for those suffering OCD, PTSD, depression, and more.A strong starter, Mars OG Kush starts with strong Sativa effects, filling the head up with pressure and making the heart race a bit.  Once that initial state passes, it turns into a more relaxing yet capable experience like most Kush strains are known for.


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